Message from the President:

Thank you for visiting the state of Florida's Pawnbrokers Association website. Our main purpose is bring together each and every pawnbroker throughout the state of Florida to help maintain a professional level of local community short term lenders. For the past 2,000 years pawnbrokers have been instrumental in providing many members of local communities short term financial assistance when they need it the most. This association (and others) offers guidance to its members urging a strict compliance with State and Federal Laws thus providing the general public with a safe, secure, and trustworthy financial institution.

If you are a pawnbroker and would like to know more about the assoication and would like to join and become a member, please click here. We hear lots of members say they will wait until there is a crisis and then will join. Why not be proactive instead of reactive and join now so we can head off problems before they start.

If you are an individual seeking any information as it pertains to the pawnbroker industry, please click here.

Myself and the rest of the Board of Directors thank you for your interest in our association and I personally challenge you to get involved!

Florida Pawnbrokers Association