To log in to the member only page for the first time. You need to do these 4 steps.

1)Pay your membership. Make sure you are paid for 2014.

  • Hint: If you did not pay you will not see your store on the Local Pawn Shops Page.
  • Warning: You will automatically be removed if your membership is not paid by February 1st of each year..
  • 2)Send an email to

  • Stating your google account & store name & any addition members.
  • Hint: You have a right to have 2 administrative personal and 1 store manager for your store. If you have one store, you can have up to 3 people. For each additional store you can add a store manager. For example; if you have 5 stores you can have up to 7 members. Which include 2 owners and 5 store managers.
  • 3)Fill out the Members Only Page Agreement Form

    4)The FPA admin will send you an email from Google Groups Invitation then Click on the blue button called "Accept this Invitation."

  • Hint: If you do not log to a Google account, you will not see the Google Form even so you are a member and registered.

  • Florida Pawnbrokers Association