Josh DavisAdam DavisAlex Folmar
Name:Adam Davis
Board Position: Vice President
Company Position: Owner
Company Phone: 954-791-4125

Adam was born in Long Island, New York to a Pawnbroking family. Starting at the age of 5, Adam worked at the pawn counter alongside 30 year industry veterans. He started making his loans and sales at the age of 7. After years of learning how to proficiently pawn and sell, Adam attended Colgate University and received a Bachelors of Art with concentration in Economics and Musicology. Upon graduation, Adam relocated to Florida with his brother Josh to open pawn shops. He brought his pawn and sales expertise to the industry, paving the way for the eventual expansion of his and his brothers company throughout Broward County, Florida. They currently own six pawn shops.

Florida Pawnbrokers Association